Young Enlightened Citizens Project

The Young Enlightened Citizens Project, YECP, is a project to support students from the CMI to the 5th(Equivalent in English system of Education). It has a dual purpose. The first is to raise awareness, through training and a variety of activities, with students on topics related to citizenship, republican values, climate change, sexually transmitted infections, responsible use, social networks …

The second objective is to encourage these students to always strive for excellence through work, to promote the values ​​of solidarity and tolerance.

Forty (40) students will participate in this project. We will select students based on their academic achievements and personality. Many of them will be awarded at the end of the YECP.

Student participation in this project is free..

In the background, this project aims to make these young people enlightened and responsible citizens able to understand as much as possible the different challenges that our society is facing.

PRESENTATION OF THE YECP Our mission will be to educate young people to

Be enlightened citizens

1. Know the rights and obligations of a citizen

2. To know the national anthem, the symbols, the coat of arms and the values ​​of the Republic

3. Learn to be an active citizen

Be actors of their good health

1. Play sports

2. Eat healthily

3. Pay attention to tobacco consumption

4. Pay attention to alcohol consumption

5. Protect themselves from Sexually Transmitted Infections (chlamydia, syphilis, AIDS, etc ...)

6. Protect themselves from diseases like Malaria, Cholera ... by adopting cleanliness

Have a socially responsible attitude

1. Good ethics

2. Team spirit

3. Meaning of long-term management

4. Pay attention to global warming

Learn the first aid gestures: How to react in the event of

1. Choking

2. Bleeding

3. Unconsciousness

4. Cardiac arrest (rescue gestures, defibrillation)

5. Cardiac malaise


1. Activities

1) The debates
2) Questions of general cultures
3) Team building
4) Sport Challenge

2. Selection Criteria

We will select 20 students in CM1 and CM2 (Equivalent in English system of Education) combined and 20 students in grades 6 and 5 (Equivalent in English system of Education) combined in different public and private institutions on the basis of their academic performance (the top 10 in each class will be shortlisted), their conduct and their personalities (An interview with shortlisted candidates will be organized to retain the final candidates).

We will constitute 4 teams of 5 pupils of CM1 and CM2 (Equivalent in English system of Education) combined and 4 teams of 5 pupils of 6th and 5th (Equivalent in English system of Education) combined.

We will have a total of 8 teams.

3. Conduct

The program will run over 5 days (6 days?) :

Day 1: Coaching and Team Building
Day 2: Start of Activities, Debates and General Culture
Day 3: Team Building and Sports Challenge

Day 4: Talent revelation, fun day and deliberation
Day 5 :
Day 6: Award Winners and Gala Dinner

4. Premiums

Group Bonuses :

a) Best primary team
b) Best college team

Individual bonuses :

a) Best Primary Citizen
b) Best Citizen College
c) Best primary team spirit
d) Best college team spirit
e) Better Primary Involvement
f) Better College Engagement

YECP in video