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Financial analysis
Finance management
Financial engineering
Audit and Management Control
(and Internal Control)

Human Resources

Human Resources Management Strategy
Conduct of meetings
Career Management
Human resources management

Customer relationship

Development of the offer
Conquest of clients (Client Growth)
Customer loyalty and profitability


Marketing strategy
Commercial strategy
Brand management, Brand Awareness and Corporate Image
Optimisation of visibility

  • You wish to:
    • have a clear, reliable and authetic (realistic) vision of the situation of your company,
    We assist you to:
    • Achieve of an organisational, functional and managerial assessment
    • Collect and analyse both objective and qualitative data.
    • Assess the level of organizational performance, communication and management in
      terms of efficiency, quality of service, risk management and working conditions.
    • Assess the adequacy between resources and missions.
    • Assess your positioning in relation to the market and objectives.
    • Put into perspective the strong points, the dysfunctions and the axes of progress.
    • Prepare a diagnostic report accompanied with recommendations regarding the defined objectives.
    • Develop the cohesive action plan.
  • You wish to:
    • carry out an external growth operation,
    • anticipate the sale of an activity.
    We assist you to:
    • perform operational audits and map risks,
    • implement and follow recommendations,
    • define a target organisation and potential synergies,
    • integrate an entity acquired in the organisation and implement synergy effects.
  • You consider :
    • making significant investments,
    • diversifying or refocusing scenarios,
    • formalising a medium-term vision.
    We bring you our expertise for:
    • Modelling and simulating business plans scenarios,
    • building with you medium-term financial projections,
    • anticipating your financing needs.
  • You wish to :
    • improve your financial information flows,
    • have a clear, reliable and authentic (realistic) vision of operations.
    We help you to :
    • define your dashboards and key management indicators,
    • put in place optimized closing processes,
    • choose tools for financial reporting, consolidation or analysis of your performance,
    • manage the reliability of the feedback.
    • you have an idea of ​​starting a business,
    • you want to transform it into a business project
    We bring you our know-how for:
    • making an inventory of your management practices,
    • comparing them to best practices and defining the target processes,
    • writing and putting in place management procedures,
    • sizing and structuring a suitable “permanent control” function.
  • You wish to :
    • reduce the time required to produce the accounts,
    • optimize your management processes,
    • secure your business and limit operational risks.
    We bring you our know-how for :
    • making an inventory of your management practices,
    • comparing them to best practices and defiining the target processes,
    • writing and putting in place management procedures,
    • sizing and structuring a suitable “permanent control” function.
  • You want to :
    • make reliable and harmonized costing methods,
    • restore the expected profitability,
    • achieve productivity gains.
    We assist you with :
    • the diagnosis and overhaul of cost accounting,
    • the redesign of standard costs,
    • putting in place, deploying and managing a savings plan and / or a “group”
      purchasing policy.
  • You wish to :
    • decrease the cash locked up by your activity,
    • set up centralized cash management.
    We assist you with :
    • defining and implementing a real piloting of your BFR,
    • defining a central structure and putting in place the means of control (of your
    • remittances,
    • organizing and piloting these projects.
  • You need :
    • to improve the quality of your data and your reports,
    • to have a clear, reliable and synthetic vision of your operations and your cash
    • to anticipate your capacities or financing needs.
    We assist you with :
    • putting in place tables to monitor net financial debt and forecasts,
    • cash,
    • defining the rules for producing and distributing reports and forecasts,
    • setting up a process of reconciliation v. budget.
  • You wish to :
    • evaluate the impact of setting up a Treasury Department
    • or adapt its operation,
    • Implement a unique and reliable tool that fully covers the cash chain management,
    • set up an integrated financial organization and develop a “cash culture”.
    We help you to :
    • define an organization scheme for the group cash network,
    • define the processes best suited to your structure and implementation at the
      operational level your new organization,
    • write the expression of your IS needs, choose a tool and set it up.
  • You want to :
    • have a clear vision of your BFR,
    • optimize your BFR and improve the management of your cash flow,
    • set up indicators for measuring performance.
    We assist you to :
    • refine the level of your cash forecasts,
    • accurately determine the actions to take on your WCR,
    • to improve your cash flow,
    • implement measurement indicators and rolling forecasts.

Market Research

5000€ - 15000€
Flat rate

Business Plan

1000€ - 5000€
Flat rate

Organisational Audit

500€ - 900€
Per day and per consultant

Complete Restructuring

500€ - 900€
Per day and per consultant

Dashboard Set-up

500€ - 800€
Flat rate

Company valuation

1000€ - 3000€
Flat rate

Cost price calculation

200€ - 400€
Flat rate

Our prices

our prices are adapted to your size of company, your problems and your means

because our objective, above all, is to satisfy you.

Implementation of cash monitoring (treasury)

800€ - 3000€
Flat rate

Support for External growth

550€ - 950€
Per day and per consultant

Marketing Strategy

500€ - 700€
Per day and per consultant

Realisation of forecasts

800€ - 1500€
Flat rate

Commercial Strategy

400€ - 600€
Per day and per consultant

Implementation of management monitoring

800€ - 3000€
Flat rate